Schloss Heiligenhoven
Land 65.384 m2
Existing buildings 3.646 m2
New buildings 6.800 m2
Total 10.446 m2
Number of beds/places 120
Number of parking spaces 184

Dommeldal Finance B.V. (“DF”) is a company specialising in healthcare and other properties in Germany, focusing particularly on properties conforming to the concept of the Limes Schlosskliniken in Cologne. The partners have extensive experience and expertise in this specialist field.

After carrying out in-depth due diligence, they weigh up the risks and opportunities and produce an investment proposition based on them. The partners of DF have been responsible for investments worth more than €1.3 billion since 2005, spread over various development projects. They have raised €210 million worth of equity capital for various specialist funds.

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